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10 Effective Tips To Become A Better Hotelier

Prerna Aditi
  2022-07-30  6 min

It takes a lot to run a successful hotel business. For any hotel, not every day is the same. Some days may see more guests swarming the hotel while on other days, not many guests may confirm the booking. In both cases, the hotel manager has to work extensively to ensure success for the business. At times, they may look for advice and suggestions to put in the right effort.

Today we have brought a few tips to help you become a better hotelier.

1. Encourage Your Hotel Staff

The duties of a hotel manager include encouraging and motivating his/her employees to give their best in every situation. Recruiting suitable candidates for the right role at the right time is not only enough. One needs to motivate them to accomplish their goals.

If you want to become a good hotelier, you need to motivate your staff members, listen to them, monitor their work, and appraise them from time to time. In addition to this, you need to set an example for your staff members. If you are willing to put your 100%, your staff will take a cue from you and do the same. Giving abundant growth opportunities to your staff members can also motivate them.

2. Make Best Use Of Social Media Platforms

In present times, social media is leverage. Social media platforms can work wonders for your hotel business if you effectively utilize them. These days people often post pictures and videos on their social media, especially if they are on vacation or are staying at a good hotel. They also look for photos and videos of holiday destinations and hotels across social media platforms. You can post pictures and captions with trending keywords and hashtags to create engagement. This way, you can also promote your hotel and create an online presence for your hotel.

3. Stay Up-To-Date With The Trends

Anyone who isn’t up-to-date with the trend is missing a significant customer base. The hotel industry has many trends. For instance, people often prefer to stay at hotels with aesthetic interiors and scenic views. Staycations and workstations are also trending in the hotel industry. Social media data and some data analytics tools can help you stay informed with the latest trends in the hotel industry. By knowing what is in the trend you can always make better and more effective decisions for your hotel.

4. Communicate Well With Your Staff

Communication is one of the imperative qualities of a hotelier. Communication is necessary to make your business successful. Unless you don’t communicate with your staff, you may not understand them or explain the business objectives. Instead of giving orders to your staff members, you can take their suggestions and listen to their opinions. This way you will win their confidence and hence make them feel important. Not only this, but communication can keep politics away from your hotel business.

5. Interact With Your Guests

Interacting with guests is another way of becoming a good and effective hotel manager. Instead of smiling and wishing your guests ‘have a nice holiday’, try to make their stay better and more memorable. You need to take the initiative to give the best hotel experience to your guests. Even if your hotel has comfort and warmth, you need to make your guests feel welcomed. When you show cold behaviour to your guests and ignore their expectations and demands, this may harm your image.

6. Hire Smart Employees

Hiring suitable employees are as important as implementing the right marketing strategies. If you hire wrong and unfit candidates, all your marketing strategies, planning, and hard work may go in vain. A candidate who doesn’t understand the objective and goals of your business may not put in the right amount of effort in an appropriate manner.

7. Focus On Long-Term And Short-Term Goals

One of the roles of a hotelier is to focus on short-term and long-term goals. While short-term goals have their significance, long-term goals can help you achieve success and profit in the long run. For example, you can consider growing your occupancy rate by 40%-50% by the coming year, recruiting more staff, building a positive image of your brand, or expanding the hotel property in the coming years. When you bifurcate the long-term and short-term goals and focus on them accordingly, you will eventually turn into a better hotelier.

8. Listen To Your Guests’ Grievances

Listening to your guests’ grievances and working on resolving them is essential. Unless you are not aware of what is bothering your guests, you may not give them a memorable experience. No matter how many marketing strategies you implement, if your customers aren’t happy, you may not add value to your hotel business. Hence, try, listen and resolve the issues of the customers.

9. Incorporate A Standard Operating Procedure

To make a business successful, incorporating a standard operating procedure is essential. The absence of a standard operating procedure can help you effectively run your hotel business. It will help you and your staff know how and when policies are to be implemented. Moreover, it will give a framework for day-to-day activities and ensure proper utilization of the resources.

10. Pay Attention To The Reviews And Feedback

For a hotel manager, reviews and feedback play an important role. Reviews and feedback can help you keep a check on your actions and decide a course of action. When it comes to reviews and feedback, make sure you take it from your guests and employees as well. For this, you can stick a feedback card in every hotel room or ask your guests to spare some time and fill in the reviews and suggestions. Similarly, you can encourage your staff to give honest reviews regarding the hotel and its services.

The market is full of intense competition. With consistent efforts and hard work, you can bring a positive change. You can beat your competitors and emerge as a better hotelier.

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