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9 Ways To Ensure Better Guest Experience At Your Hotel

Prerna Aditi
  2022-07-26  6 min

Meeting guests’ expectations and providing them with a memorable experience is one of the major concerns in the hotel industry. It doesn’t matter who the guests are and how long they are staying, hotel owners often try to give the best services. As the demands of the customers grow, it becomes essential for hotel owners to ensure consumer satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

In the hotel industry, customer satisfaction plays a huge role in deciding the success of a hotel in the long run. If the customer isn’t happy, he/she will give negative reviews and poor ratings to the hotel. The next time somebody may not consider your hotel due to the bad reviews.

With that being the concern, we are here with some tips on how to enhance guest experience in hotels. Scroll down and read on.

1. Being A Good And Gentle Host

First and foremost, being a gentle and good host is quite essential. Welcome your guests with a warm and pleasant smile and make them feel comfortable. Do not make them uncomfortable by asking vague and rude questions. Your guests might be tired after traveling for long hours, and they may need some rest. You can be a good host by offering them some refreshments and a welcome drink.

2. Providing Customized Packages To Different Guests

One of the best ways of providing a better guest experience is by providing them with customized packages. For example, if your guests are backpacker travelers, you can offer slightly budget-friendly rooms with a locker facility. Or, you can customize the holiday package as per their requests and preferences. You can extend their stay upon their request or arrange sightseeing for them.

3. Being Helpful And Polite Towards Your Guests

A frowning host can never provide a better and more comfortable experience to their guests. It is always a good idea to help your guests in every possible way. You can suggest them shortcuts or nearby places to explore. You can help them by providing pickup from the airport, railway station, or bus stop. While they seek your help, ensure that you are polite and humble as this helps to improve guest experience. Never make them feel dejected and uninvited during their stay at your hotel.

4. Making It Easy For Guests To Connect With You

There are times when your guests may want to connect with you. They may want to talk about their expected arrival time or if they could have an early check-in. Or, they may look for some assistance en route to your hotel. If they find it difficult to contact you, this may annoy them. They may judge your services.

5. Providing Basic Amenities

Providing essential and best hotel amenities to your guests can be another way of giving a better guests experience. For example, if a guest is booking a hotel room, he/she will look for AC and a well-ventilated room. He/she will also look for a good wifi connection and parking space. If your hotel fails to provide these basic amenities, likely, they may not consider your hotel. Or, they may not enjoy their stay at your hotel.

6. Giving Attentive And Responsive Service

No guests would like to stay in a hotel whose staff members aren’t responsive and attentive. Ignoring your guests’ requests or not being attentive to what they say or ask can be a turn-off for them. Always remember that your guests have come to your hotel to enjoy their trip and vacation. They want to relax and enjoy themselves. In that case, if they find the hotel staff unresponsive, they may never recommend your hotel to their near and dear ones. Moreover, they may write bad reviews and give a poor rating to your hotel.

7. Listening To Their Needs And Expectations

Unless you don’t listen to your guests’ expectations and needs, you may not be able to understand their preferences. For instance, your guests may expect a hot water facility in your hotel, and if you are unaware of this, that could be a problem. You can always ask them to put forward their expectations before you. Moreover, if you have a website or application for your hotel, you can collect the data quite easily and ensure that you provide the best service to your guests.

8. Providing Assistance To And When Needed

How would you feel if you were in a new place with no clear directions and assistance? The same is the case with your new guests. When they come to your hotel, they may expect you to give them a little bit of assistance. You can at least offer a tour of the property or hang in symbols to make things easier for them. For example, you can put on a symbol stating the dining area or the way to the staircase for your guests.

9. Catering To Their Special Requests

Your guests may request a few things or services, such as an extra bed or blanket. They may ask for a heater or mineral water or something else. In that case, going an extra mile for your guests and trying to fulfil their genuine requests can earn you some brownie points. You will make a long-lasting and good impression on your guests.

These ideas will help you leave a good impression on your guests. Apart from this, keep your hotel clean and tidy as nobody would feel good if there’s dirt and mess here and there. Groom and train your staff in giving good hospitality to your guests. To improve guest experience pay attention to the feedback and reviews given by your guests and implement changes accordingly.

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