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12 Essential Amenities That Can Help Attract New Guests to Your Hotel

Prerna Aditi
  2022-08-05  7 min

People choose to stay in a hotel for various reasons such as exploring the place, spending their vacation, or taking part in a business meeting or conference. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure the facilities and amenities you provide to your guests will make a great impact on the occupancy rate of your hotel. Cleanliness, budget-friendly prices, and ambience are not the only things guests look for while booking a hotel room. There are many other things as well, that guests look for while searching for a suitable hotel.

People often choose to stay at hotels depending upon the amenities provided by the hotel. The extra hotel facilities and amenities can impact their stay at your hotel as guests want their holiday to be better and more comfortable. So, today we are here to tell you about a few amenities that you can include in your hotel to impress your guests and attract new customers. Take a look at these.

What Are Hotel amenities?

Before providing amenities to your guests, it is important to understand what these are. Hotel amenities are the extra services that you offer to your guests. These services are usually free and meant to ease the accommodation of your guests at your hotel. Depending upon the size of the hotel and the location, the amenities can differ. Complimentary breakfasts, tea kits, personal care products, etc. fall into this category.

Today we have curated a list of amenities that you can provide to your guests and assure them of a better customer experience and comfortable stay at your hotel. Read on.

1. Parking Space

An on-site parking facility is one of the amenities that can help attract more and more guests. Free parking spaces can attract guests traveling through their vehicles. So, having a parking space for your guests can be one of the amenities to include in the holiday package. It will also attract families traveling through their vehicles.

2. Complimentary Toiletries

Travel-sized toiletries are another amenity that you can add to impress your guests. Shampoo, face wash, bathing soap, and handwash are now commonly offered by several hotels. For that reason, not every guest carries travel-sized toiletries with them. While you provide them with complimentary toiletries, make sure to provide good quality products.

3. Laundry Services

While booking hotels, people often look for laundry services. Give your guests free laundry service to clean their wardrobes and provide them with freshly-ironed and folded clothes. The free laundry service can be impressive for business and corporate travelers. It can also attract families and backpack travelers.

4. High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet is another essential amenity that you can offer to your guests. From backpackers to business travelers, a good wifi connection is necessary. These days the internet is an integral part of our lives, and guests often look for wifi connections if they are traveling for a conference, meeting, workstation, or staycation.

5. Fitness Facilities

If you have a fitness and wellness facility in your hotel, highlight the same in your advertisements and promotions. Many fitness enthusiasts must be travelling and providing them the facility to continue their workout sessions can be beneficial. It can be helpful while targeting guests looking for staycations and workations.

6. Rooftop Restaurants And Bars

If your hotel is surrounded by scenic views, offering a rooftop restaurant and bar can be a good idea. Who would not love to enjoy beautiful views while having scrumptious food? Even if your hotel rooftop is not big, you can still convert it into a cosy rooftop restaurant. Your guests will for sure love it.

7. Pickup And Drop Facilities

Pickup and drop facilities are other hotel amenities that can attract more and more guests to your hotel. Often guests look for pickup facilities from the airport, railway station, or bus stop to reach the hotel without any hassle. They even ask the hotel manager to arrange for a pickup and drop facility to avoid mishappenings in the new place.

8. Mini-Fridge And Clothing Iron Facility

Providing a mini-fridge and clothing iron to your guests can help you earn extra brownie points. After all, who would like to wear unironed clothes on a trip, especially if it is a business trip? Not only this, but calling the room service to provide you with cold water and chilled cold drinks every time can be tedious. Instead, providing a mini-fridge can help attract guests.

9. Spa And Entertainment

If you take care of your guests’ entertainment, it is likely that they will not only book a room in your hotel but will also refer it to their near and dear ones. For entertainment, you can arrange a karaoke night or sightseeing. In addition to this, you can provide them with a spa facility to relax on their trip. Many guests look for a spa during their travel plans. So, if you offer the same in your hotel, why would they go elsewhere?

10. Slippers And Bathrobe

Not every guest carries slippers and bathrobes with them. They may not have enough space in their luggage to bring slippers as well. By providing them with slippers and bathrobes, you will impress them. Providing these extra hotel room amenities may also help you earn good feedback and ratings. This will further help you attract new guests. Your existing guests may spread word of mouth about this gesture.

11. Cribs And Playing Space For Kids

Families often look for hotels with cribs and playing spaces for their kids. Since they usually plan a trip during the holiday season, you can highlight this feature in your hotel promotion campaigns. You can mention how your hotel has toys and various fun games to let children enjoy their stay with their families at your hotel. This way the parents of the kids will be assured of keeping their kids entertained and busy while enjoying themselves on the trip.

12. Room Service

Room service is one of the essential hotel amenities you need to include to attract guests. People often choose to stay in a hotel having room service. Assuring your guests to stay in their hotel room and get their needs met and problems resolved just with one phone call is one of the ways of impressing them and attracting more guests. After all, no guests would like to walk to the reception every time to get their demands fulfilled.

Providing hotel amenities is one of the best ways to differentiate your hotel from competitors. It will also help you retain your guests and make them come again to your hotel. You can add more amenities depending upon your hotel and guests' preferences. Your aim for providing the best hotel amenities should be to make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

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