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10 Tips For Better Hotel Maintenance Management

Prerna Aditi
  2022-08-01  6 min

Providing high-quality services and experiences in the hotel industry is possible when you maintain hotel management. Hotel maintenance management provides the best quality services while implementing cost-reducing strategies to ensure everything runs smoothly. It is about restoring and improving every aspect of the hotel. We cannot deny that setting and running up a hotel is difficult. However, with effective hotel maintenance management, one can ensure everything gets executed in a better way.

Importance Of Hotel Maintenance Management

The importance of hotel maintenance management is that it helps in the smooth functioning of the hotel. It also ensures:

  • All behind-the-scene work goes well and without any failure.
  • Maintenance work goes on without any lagging and delay.
  • There are no barriers to implementing the maintenance work and providing the best experience to the guests.
  • Repair and maintenance work going on time without burning a hole in the pocket of the hotel owners.

Here are some tips that can help you to create a better hotel maintenance management system. Read on:

1. Implement Standard Operating Procedures

When it comes to hotel maintenance, implementing standard operating procedures is beneficial. Standard operating procedures are step-by-step instructions to execute tasks. When you use standard operating procedures, there is less chance of missing any step and thus executing the tasks effectively. It will also help maintain the quality of the maintenance work.

2. Use The Hotel Maintenance Management Software

These days, there are several hotel maintenance management software that you can rely on. These software and tools have been developed to simplify maintenance management work. Hotel maintenance management is a job that requires a huge amount of effort and time. The hotel maintenance software here plays a big role in gathering and storing data effectively and avoiding unnecessary paperwork.

3. Prepare A Hotel Maintenance Checklist

A checklist is always better to handle the hotel maintenance management work rather than shooting the arrows in the dark. Checklists help in executing tasks in a specific and organized manner. It saves time and energy while delegating a task. So when you use a maintenance checklist, you can ensure the consistency and effectiveness of the work.

4. Keep Calendars And Schedules Handy

At times, carrying out maintenance work can be tedious if proper scheduling isn't followed. In the absence of calendars, one may forget to carry out the maintenance work. Using calendars and schedules can help you assign tasks to concerned people without causing any chaos and haphazardness. It is a reminder to ensure the maintenance work is done on time.

5. Hire Right-Fit Candidates

Hiring the right-fit candidates is highly important to ensure proper hotel maintenance management. If the candidates are not fit for your hotel, they may not understand the objective and culture of the hotel. They may not give their best in maintaining the hotel. Moreover, if the specialization does not match the concerned department, this could cause further problems. Such as, if you want to hire for housekeeping, you need to find a candidate with the required skill sets in housekeeping.

6. Ensure Effective Communication

A hotel can run smoothly when there is clear and open communication. Take a situation wherein there is a faulty faucet, and the guest communicates the same to the receptionist. If the receptionist does not convey the issue to the concerned housekeeping, the issue may not be resolved in time. Hence, the guest may form a negative image of the hotel.

Not only this, but if there is a lack of effective communication, the staff may at times have misunderstandings and confusion regarding the paradigm.

7. Improve The Housekeeping

Nobody would like to have housekeeping that does not know how to operate the digital door lock system, ensure cleanliness, availability of the amenities, or keep things organized in the hotel rooms. Well-trained housekeeping will always add value to your hotel maintenance management. When your guests find the housekeeping effective and dedicated, they will spread word of mouth. This will improve customer experience and attract more guests to your hotel.

8. Track And Maintain The Log

Maintaining logs is essential when running a hotel business. If you have repaired the leakages in bathrooms and fixed the faucets, please mention the same in the logbook. When you maintain a logbook of all the maintenance work, you can always know which rooms had recent maintenance and which require maintenance work in the future. It will also help maintain track of the amount you have spent on the maintenance work.

9. Indulge In Preventive Management

You must have heard of, ‘A stitch in time, saves nine. Think about a situation when there are some sudden failures at your hotel. Finding a last-minute repair or maintenance may cost you a lot. The failures/damage will also lead to a loss in the bookings. It is better to take better care of every asset of the hotel. Repair every possible damage before it is too late.

10. Outsource Maintenance When Needed

Outsourcing maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure better hotel maintenance management. Several agencies provide outsourced servicing. You will require research to find suitable outsourcing for your hotel.

Often people overlook hotel maintenance, though it is one of the essential aspects of the hotel industry. If the maintenance part is not at par with the current needs, it may not bring better insights. With the right and effective strategies, hotel owners can work on improving the hotel maintenance management part of their hotel. This further will positively affect the business.

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