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Importance Of Guest Data: 5 Ways Of Collecting It

Prerna Aditi
  2022-08-20  4 min

Targeting the right market segment is necessary for running the hotel industry. Reaching out to your target customers can be easier if you have the guest data. Since guests expect better and high-quality services from the hotel, it is essential to understand their needs, demands, expectations, and preferences. Without guest data, you may face problems while launching personalized ads and marketing campaigns.

Today let us talk about the importance and ways of collecting guest data.

What Is Guest Data

Hotel guest data is information related to the potential lead for the hotel business. The information can comprise social media handles, email addresses, work details, travel preferences, phone numbers, etc. Even if the hotel owners have just the email address and social media handle details, it can be used as guest data. Every little detail and information can be valuable for the hotel business.

Importance Of Collecting Guest Data

Every guest's data is necessary for the sales and marketing of the hotel. Here we have listed the importance of guest data

  • Having guest data can help hotel owners target the right segment of people and find potential lead.
  • Guest data helps understand insights about the guests.
  • Hotel owners can use the collected guest data to offer better and improved services.
  • It facilitates making special arrangements, if any, for the guests.
  • Guest data can play a significant role in curating effective ad campaigns based on different parameters.

How to collect guest data

1. Extracting Data From OTAs And Reviewing Websites

You can also extract guest data from OTAs and review websites. OTAs and reviewing websites have data related to tourists and guests. They are not just the platform for booking hotels and maintaining an online reputation. These websites gather visitors’ data as per their activity on the website. You can pull those data and use them for finding your potential guests depending on their likes and dislikes. You can determine the preferences, traveling patterns, and choices of your guests.

2. Taking Data From Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can be another tool for collecting guest data. Launching ad campaigns on social media platforms can be a great way to reach the young generations. Not only this, but you can interact with your target customers by uploading engaging and creative content. Collecting data from these platforms can be tedious. Therefore, personalized marketing content can be a better way of collecting data.

3. Seeking Assistance From Chatbots

Chatbots are not just for chatting with the visitors to your website. These can be an effective way of collecting guests’ data. If you have ever interacted with any chatbot, you will realize that it asks for your name, age, address, and email id. When it comes to the hospitality industry, chatbots also ask for your traveling date, meal preferences, duration of your trip, and so on. With so much information, you can target your customers in a better way.

4. Checking Old Records

You can also refer to the old booking records of your hotel. Analyzing the data that you have in your hand can be helpful. You can get various information from it like contact details of your guests, their social media handles, the purpose of their travel, room preferences, traveler type, duration of their stay, and so on. Once you have this data, you can launch customized ad campaigns and promote your hotel accordingly.

5. Using The Loyalty Programs

The loyalty program can also be another way of collecting guest data for your hotel. For this, you need to introduce a loyalty or membership program and ask your guests to fill in their details for it. This way you can get the essential information, and you can use the same to target your guests in the future or provide them with exciting offers and discounts.

Data collection may not seem a big thing but it can ensure the success of the hotel industry. Every time a guest books a room in your hotel, he/she feeds some data. Saving those data and utilizing the same can be beneficial in improving customer experience in the long run.

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