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Sustainable Travel Trends 2022: Here Are Some Of Them

Prerna Aditi
  2022-02-04  5 min

Before the first coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the tourist places and holiday destinations never were shut down altogether. The pandemic has hit the tourism and hospitality industry massively. Post nationwide lockdown, people started moving out and going on trips, following COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

The travel trends post COVID is now inclined towards promoting sustainable travel. When we say sustainable travel, we mean traveling and improving tourists’ experience while taking care of the environment, community, and economy. Millennials are taking the necessary steps to promote this new travel trend by doing as much as possible.

However, it is not that the term ‘sustainable travel’ is new. It existed even before COVID-19. But not many people were aware of it. Many regular travelers often expressed their opinions about indulging in sustainable travel and holidays. It was during the pandemic when people were confined within their houses and saw nature healing itself, they understood how important sustainability is. Perhaps, then travelers thoughts of enjoying their trips and holidays while doing their part in keeping the environment clean and reducing carbon emission.

This pandemic has fast-forwarded some of the sustainable travel trends we may see in the upcoming times. Scroll down to know some of the sustainable travel trends.

1. Minimizing Carbon Emission

These days many travelers are concerned about minimizing the carbon emission in the environment. For this, they prefer modes of transport that emit comparatively lesser carbon in the atmosphere. Such as, they may travel through local buses, trains, and boats rather than flying in a flight. They also try their best to reduce the usage of air conditioners during their stay at hotels. Not only this, but they are also okay with riding bicycles, especially electric bikes.

2. Encouraging Slow Travel

One of the main reasons for encouraging slow traveling is limiting the emission of carbon in the environment. However, another reason could be that people are now willing to get soaked in nature. They are open to enjoying nature by spending time at a particular place rather than visiting in a hurry. Guests now come with enough time to get comfortable.

3. Optimal Use Of Electricity

Travelers these days are more concerned about saving electricity. For this, they ensure to turn off the air conditioner, television, fan, heater, and other appliances when not in use. However, many travelers are okay with hotel rooms without air conditioning as they want to be a part of sustainable travel.

4. Reducing Food Wastage

These days people are more concerned about limiting food wastage during their travels. The hospitality industry is seeing people trying their best to avoid wasting food. These days many people order as per their appetite and not something they would not finish. Moreover, the guests in the hotels now do not create a nuisance for the food.

5. Encouraging Local Business

People these days are keen on promoting local business by purchasing products from local vendors. It is not that tourists no longer like imported products. Instead, now they try their best to boost the local economy. They are also comfortable dining at local and small restaurants.

6. Promoting Co-Living

Hotel owners these days are coming up with the idea of turning unused places into a co-living space for digital nomads, freelancers, students, etc. They are also promoting dormitory hotels for backpack travelers. Thus they are not only utilizing the resources but also generating employment opportunities. Moreover, these co-living spaces are comparatively cheaper.

7. Cleaning Beaches When Visiting Them

Cleaning beaches is one of the sustainable travel trends seen among travelers. You will easily find people cleaning the beaches while being on their vacation. Not only this, but many hotel owners themselves encourage their staff members to help the tourists clean the beach. People now carry reef-friendly products to the beaches to avoid causing harm to marine life. They also try their best to limit the usage of plastics on the beaches. People volunteer to even help in cleaning the sea as well.

8. Getting Digital Detox

We cannot deny that our lives revolve around technology. Gadgets are now an integral part of our lives. Among all the sustainable travel trends, the digital detox is a wholesome one. In this, people take a break from their digital world and enjoy the beauty of nature. They turn off their phones, laptops, and other gadgets to enjoy their vacation in a better manner. Guests are these days inclined towards enjoying and praising the beauty of nature without worrying about texts, calls, and emails. Moreover, many hotel owners now offer discounts if guests agree to turn off their phones.

We hope to see many more sustainable travel trends in the coming years. Till then, stay safe and travel safely.

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