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Staycation: What It Is And How Hotels Can Make The Best Out Of It

Prerna Aditi
  2022-01-27  8 min

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came into our lives, staycation has emerged as one of the travel trends. These days you can hear many people going on a staycation and enjoying themselves. You will find many students, budget travelers, and working professionals looking for a staycation. Some hotels these days are welcoming guests opting for a staycation. It is high time hotel owners need to understand the concept of staycation and utilize it.

What Is Staycation

In its literal meaning, staycation means stay-at-home vacation. However, in the past two years, it has evolved into a 'vacation-at-a-nearby-destination', without much traveling. When it comes to staycation, it could be hiking a nearby hill or just enjoying some time at a hill station while relaxing in the hotel room. It is more like spending a vacation not much far from your home in a budget-friendly manner while staying away from the tourist crowd.

Now the question arises why are staycations becoming so popular?

Why Is Staycation So Popular

Though staycations have existed for a long time, it is during the pandemic it became a travel trend. So, we have curated a list of reasons that seem to be making staycation so popular.

1. The Ongoing Pandemic And Travel Restrictions

COVID-19 pandemic is itself the huge contributor in making staycations so popular. Due to COVID-19, various states and countries have imposed certain travel restrictions. To curb the spread of coronavirus, international travel has been banned in many countries. This is when staycation comes into the picture. Though people cannot visit exotic holiday destinations, they can still enjoy their holidays at nearby and local tourist places.

2. The Work From Home Mode For Professional

We know that COVID-19 has forced many companies to allow their employees to work from home. While working professionals are enjoying their work-from-home mode, at times, they may yearn to take a break from their daily routine at home. They want to explore places while ensuring they are not lagging on the professional front. As a result, they may look for getaways or holiday destinations where they can work while enjoying the scenic views and amenities in the hotel.

3. The Trend Of Online Learning For Students

Similar to the work-from-home mode offered by various companies, schools and colleges have also adapted the online mode of study. Students these days are having the comfort to study while being at their home. Before the pandemic hit us, parents often had to drop their travel plans to ensure their children do not miss their classes.

Due to COVID-19, students themselves want to experience a little change in their daily lives. As a result, many families are willing to opt for a staycation to spend some good time while their kids enjoy learning at a new place. Moreover, students who are in college themselves are open to staycations.

4. The Longingness To Enjoy During COVID-19

Though staying indoors is quite essential to avoid getting exposed to COVID-19, there could be times when people may want to take a break and enjoy themselves. While going for holidays to foreign locations may not be a good option, a staycation can still be a feasible option for these people. It does not only allow one to relax and feel good but also ensures that you travel without any hassle.

5. The Need For Budget-Holiday Plans

Budget travelers will always look for a holiday destination where they can spend their vacation without burning a hole in their pocket. For this, they may try their level best to search for a hotel within their budget providing them the necessary amenities and comfort. In this case, staycations can be a win-win situation for both travelers and hotel owners.

6. The Chance To Explore Nearby Places

Who said people need to explore exotic locations for their holidays? They can also enjoy exploring local tourists and holiday destinations, provided they find a suitable hotel to make their travel plans memorable. Since the whole idea of a staycation is to spend a holiday not far from home in a hotel, people may want to spend a holiday at a local destination. As hotel owners, you need to ensure that your guests spot your hotel while searching for staycation hotels.

7. The Encouragement Of Boosting Local Economy

One of the reasons why staycations are trending is that now we are more concerned about boosting our local economy. The nationwide lockdown during the COVID-19 outbreak taught us boosting the local economy is an important thing. Ever since people have understood the importance of the local economy, they are keener on exploring the untouched local places around them. For this, they happily opt for staycations.

How Hotel Owners Can Utilize Staycations Ideas

As a hotel owner, you may think of staycation ideas to boost your revenue and occupancy rate. Still, you need a proper roadmap on ways to make the best out of the staycation opportunities. If you are wondering how as a hotel owner, you can do so, read on:

1. By Ensuring Their Hotels Have The Needed Amenities

Hotel owners need to ensure that their hotels have all the amenities their potential guests would look for, such as first-aid, wifi access, geyser, AC, breakfast, and so on. Once your hotel has basic amenities, guests are highly likely to choose your hotel from all the other options. In addition to this, you need to ensure that your staff is well groomed and is willing to serve the guests during their staycation.

2. By Advertising Extensively On Social Media Platforms

Now that your hotel is ready to welcome guests for a staycation, the next thing that you need to do is let your potential guests know about the same. You need to advertise and promote your hotel to them. One of the best ways is to reach out to them through social media platforms. You can either launch ad campaigns or upload various stories and posts stating how and what you will offer them. You can also send a newsletter to your guests and inform them about why choosing a staycation at your hotel can be a good option for them.

3. By Highlighting The Facilities And Amenities Of Your Hotels

Just because you have worked on including various facilities and amenities to your guests, it doesn't mean your work is complete. You need to highlight the same on your websites and in ad campaigns. The more you highlight your amenities, the more inquiries you will receive. People will take notice of your hotel.

4. By Providing Exciting And Attractive Offers And Discounts

Giving heavy discounts to your customers and potential guests can help you utilize staycation in the best possible ways. All you need to do is launch some campaigns stating the discounts and offers you are willing to give to guests who are looking for staycations. For example, you can give complimentary breakfast or a discount on weekends. Interested people, may send you a query and book a room in your hotel.

5. By Ensuring Your Hotel Follows All COVID-19 Guidelines

If you are not following the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the WHO and the Health Ministry, you may regret it. Most of the guests these days prefer to stay in hotels that abide by those guidelines. These include having fully-vaccinated staff, social distancing, hygiene, sanitized room, and toiletries.

A staycation can be rewarding for your hotel business, provided you understand what your customers are looking for based on different geo-locations and climates. Once you hit the bull’s eye, nothing can stop you from implementing effective staycation ideas for boosting your hotel business.

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