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Branding in Hospitality Industry

Priyanka Soni
  2021-10-27  5 min

When we think of hotel brands, we think of Radisson, Hilton, Four Seasons, and other well-known hotel chains. This is because they are the hotel chains that have established an amazing and strong brand presence as a result of their effective and successful branding strategy. The construction of a unique brand presence for each hotel by stressing their brand philosophy and unique selling feature to set them apart from the competition in order to achieve more successful outcomes via the implementation of an effective branding strategy.

What is Branding?

Your brand consists of much more than just your name and logo. It includes everything from your hotel's personality and beliefs to your clients' views, ideas, and experiences. It reflects who you are, your brand motive, what you are in support with and how you want your audience to see you. Building a strong brand for your hotel is similar to building good personal relationships with people. You will quickly lose friends if you bore them or lie to them.

Importance of Branding

1. Positive word of mouth

Investing in a promising and clear brand experience will increase the effectiveness of your satisfied customers and provide you with a terrific return on investment. This will encourage guests to spread positive word of mouth about your company and encourage others to trust it.

2. A powerful narrative for your hotel is created by telling a brand’s story.

Storytelling is far more successful in making a lasting impression on visitors because it gives them a better knowledge of the brand, increases trust, and fosters a strong emotional bond between the guests and the hotel brand.

Create a brand storyline for your hotel that includes information about its history, mission, values, commitment to guests, and community passions. From environmental programs and community outreach projects to artist support campaigns, there are a plethora of methods for your brand narrative to embrace aspects that are near to your customers' hearts.

3. Differ from the competition

With a new hotel chain opening every week and increased competition, giving customers a reason to trust your brand and pick your hotel brand over others can help you build a more loyal client base.

4. Enhancing trust among guests.

Every action you do is with the ultimate objective of pleasing your clients and encouraging them to keep coming back to you, so your brand communication and branding strategy include customized and more focused on establishing a relationship with them.

5. Having a strong market presence

Your hotel develops a reputable face via Branding, earning more attention, trust and attracting new consumers, resulting in a strong market presence that encourages customers to return to you and persuades them to stay with you. Turning potential target audience into guests and guests into ambassadors is the key to hotel success, and a solid branding plan may help you do just that.

An effective strategy for Branding your hotel

1. Know your audience

The sort of brand you want to create is determined by the type of target segment of our visitors. Conduct thorough research into the demands of your target segment and strive to match those needs in every brand campaign you undertake.

2. Be real

People are becoming savvier than ever before, and they are fully aware of when someone is attempting to deceive them. This has a bad influence on your visitors, so try to be honest and only promise what you can give.

3. Be consistent

Know what you believe in, and don't stray from it. Your hotel's brand's 'image' must be portrayed in all facets of your business. This is expected to include your name and logo, as well as typography and stationery, as well as menus. But don't stop there. It also covers your music, tone of voice, marketing events, and any social media or marketing messages you send out.

The ultimate goal of building a strong hotel brand is when travelers hear your hotel's Name, the end aim of developing a great hotel brand is instant affinity and familiarity. You want guests to remember not only your logo and image, but also a make them feel and sense the feeling of what’s it like to stay with your brand and what type of experience they can expect. Your current legacy will eliminate the need for them to conduct more research.

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